We believe in

  • Continuous improvement

  • Quality, not quantity

  • Make dreams come true

Responding to changes

over following a plan

Following Agile Methodologies, we ensure customer satisfaction delivering quick and continuously functional versions of the system.

Individuals and interactions

over processes and tools

Thanks to Continuous Integrations, you can clearly keep up with what is being done throughout the development.

Working software

over comprehensive documentation

Agile methodologies that Adapt to Changes, to allow you to take competitive advantages. You help to build what you need, the way you want it.

Customer collaboration

over contract negotiation

We want your Active Participation, you involved in what is yours, voicing your opinion and validating each step.

Some projects we have done


The Tempário is a powerful cost management software and it contains over four thousand lines of parts and derivatives characterized by all families of vehicles. Know how much your service is worth, based on actual data and market, makes you have powerful and valuable information!

Its main objective is to optimize service delivery and manage car repair costs, motorcycles, agricultural machinery, tractors, vans, minibuses, trucks and grinding machines.

The Tempário is a tool with a focus on autonomy, so it's a very practical and robust system.


  • + than 1.300 companies use Tempário, which has:
    • + 3.400 registered services with due execution times and parts for models;
    • + 1.200 registered vehicle;
    • + 6.000 registered parts.


The Tempário is a service that will revolutionize the chain of automotive repair. Avoid losses, cut costs and gain agility in the processes of your business.

It is time for intelligent management!

Amigo do Clima

The Amigo do Clima is a voluntary environmetal program, whose goal is to ensure the transparency and traceability of climate responsibility activities. People, businesses and events can participate in the program, as long as they quantify their impacts and act in setting and accomplishing goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, formulating policies related to the issue or compensating their emissions.

The emission reduction projects are developed according to international standards and operate a public record of climate responsability actions developed by the project. So, it is guaranteed the transparecy and traceability of actions that contribute to the mitigation of climate change and global warming.

The Amigo do Clima wants to build, collaboratively, the foundations for a low-carbon society, offering alternatives for reducing emissions of greenhouse gases.

The greenhouse effect is a natural phenomenon responsible for the maintenance of a stable temperature in the planet. When radiating the Earth, part of the infrared rays of the Sun are absorbed and converted into heat and others are reflected into space. Part of this energy doesn't leave the Earth as a result of the interaction that greenhouse gases (GHGs) have with the infrared light absorbing it and resubmitting it to the Earth's surface. With the increase of the concentration of these gases, the greenhouse effect is magnified, leading to changes in climate. People and their businesses contribute to this process, being necessary for society to change its behaviors to reduce GHG emissions.

To take responsibility about climate change goes through understanding impacts, identifying opportunities for change and, for those impacts that still may be inevitable, look for ways to compensate them.

To be Amigo do Clima is to make a public commitment to combat global warming.

Learn about the program, the tools, the supported projects and become an Amigo do Clima.




To reduce greenhouse gas emissions from your company means to be more efficiente, reduce costs and increase it's competitiveness. The Climas is a web tool for managing the impacts of organizations on climate changes, which applies to companies of any size and operating in any productive sector.

Follow the Climas performance indicators of your business. The Climas intelligence allows the results to be compared to previously established goals. With scale flexibility, evaluate the performance of your business, operation unit or an emission source. The results can be viewed through reports and existing graphics or configured according to the standards used by your company.

The Climas automates the process of collecting information, allowing direct access to management systems and existing databases, streamlining your work, eliminating erros and ensuring productivity. Alternatively, use a user-friendly data collection interface, import spreadsheets or simply send us an e-mail requesting information.

Managing emissions is acting to achieve goals. The Climas allows monitoring of improvement actions and mitigation plans. Real-time reports and alerts allows for deviations to be identified early and corrections implemented immediately. Make sure your goals are achieved. Effortless monitoring just a click away


TEM Flex Mob

Application that monitors your alarm system via your smartphone. The TEM Flex Mob app allows you to:

  • Arm and disarm the alarm;
  • Customize the names of users and sectors;
  • Trigger panic event;
  • Activate the PGMs outputs;
  • See the full history of the sent and received events;
  • View all the system failures.

It also allows the full control and monitoring of the alarm control panel, generating notifications according on the type of event. 

It uses a floor plan image of the installation and positions the sectors to illustrate the protected environment.

With the customization of names you always know who is arming or disarming the alarm control panel. The customization also makes it easy to identify the sectors blocked or violated. Give names to the remote controls users and wireless sensors and everything is identified individually by the alarm system.

Sol Mobile

Nowadays has became even more practical to have the Uni-BH in your hands, on your phone or tablet. With the new updates you have access to:

  1. Financial statement: Similar to that found on the Sol Web, you can see composition of bill (monthly fees, discounts, fines), payment history, outstanding bonds and link to access NF of downloaded payments.
  2. Student ID card: You can follow the request of your membership card.
  3. Check the protocols: You can see and follow up on all protocols, approval and available answers there! In addition you can also access grades and absences, events calendar and timesheet, you can also download the materials.

All this in the palm of your hand :)! You only have to follow the step by step: remove the ANIMA ID app > download the application from the App Store or Google Play.

What are you waiting to download?


SCVE is a platform to facilitate communication between teachers and students in real time. The chat allows teachers to send messages to students, such as information about the course, dates of events, notes, canceled classes and what else is deemed necessary. It also allows students talk to each other.

To ensure the academic function of the app, when the user logs in, he only access their classes and can not send spam, all messages sent by students follow the direction of one to one. Unread messages are stored in a message box until the student read and decide what to do with it (to store or delete).

Implement this application at your university / school and narrow the relationship with your students!

Heap UP

HEAP UP is a research site that grants awards. You register, answers various researchs and wins awards for each completed survey (you win also by referring friends). In addition to winning prizes, you help the company improve its products and services.

In HEAP UP you do not waste time or money, here you always win (Dotz, minutes to talk on your phone, coupons for draws). Signing up is free, surveys are fast and easy to answer, smaller surveys you can answer with only 2 or 3 minutes of your time and the largest ones up to 15 minutes and those you win much more! You can answer surveys at home, at work, anywhere.

The HEAP UP is different because you win automatically: just be a part of the proposed activities on the site (surveys, polls, indication of friends).

The HEAP UP is different because you do not have to wait for raffles to win. They also make raffles, but these are for you to earn even more!

Aguas da Mantiqueira de Minas

The contact with nature is the most valuable experience in the Mantiqueira de Minas destination. In addition to the landscapes and beautiful sightseeying walks, the waters have special properties and bring benefits to the tourists who visit this place.

On the way, people can enjoy the culture of Minas Gerais in each of the cities that make up the tour. Wonders to keep in photographs and in memory. Amazing must-see attractions, tours and unforgettable moments.

This is the area of the waters of the Mantiqueira. Divided between the themes "living well and Time For Yourself", "History and Stories", "Essence of Minas", "Small adventures and discoveries" and "Refreshing Waters", this region offers many possibilities for tourism.


The Telecomtrack is a national benchmark in monitoring and vehicle tracking.

In business for 10 years, they added excellence and clarity on the requirements involving vehicle tracking service. Offer customers personal and patrimonial security, providing products of high technological standard and highly qualified professionals.

With the Telecomtrack, you, fleet owner, can monitor the actual activities of your drivers, identify situations where your vehicles are exposed and provide the appropriate changes if deemed necessary.

Knowing that information is worth money, Telecom Track provides data on the most efficient use of your vehicle as:

  • Consumption per km run;
  • most appropriate speed range for each vehicle;
  • Knowledge about ignitions, if on or off;
  • Among others;

In this way, with the proper management of your fleet, you can save on the costs of fleet maintenance.

Now the most important, you can do all of this from the Android and iOS applications that Telecom Track prepared to optimize and facilitate your work in managing and tracking your fleet.


The Waycarbon is a company that, through knowledge, experience and technology, solves challenges related to mitigation and adaptation to climage change, management of water and territory resources and valuation of biodiversity.

Innovation is its main strategic pillar and sustainable development is its operations guideline. Deliver results and build ethical and trustworthy relationships, reflexes of the competence of its staff and it's constant pursuit of excellence.

They have an innovative vision of sustainability able to boost the competitiveness of its customers and generate positive impacts for society.

The WayCarbon works to insert sustainability in its customer strategy, building new elements of competitiveness and leadership.


The MOVE is an integrated platform of assessment of vulnerability and risks associated with climate change applicable in various thematic and production cutouts, in multiple scales and from different climate scenarios. The model produces georeferenced maps and basic statistics in order to support the territorial and sectorial planning through robust and up-to-date scientific evidence.

The results generated allow us to identify the main causes of risk and vulnerability to climate change in the context analysed, essential information to define and prioritize adaptation strategies, both in the public sector and the private sector.

Developing strategies to adapt to the new enviromental conditions is essential to reduce impacts that can no longer be avoided, thus limiting the losses and damage arising out of inactivity and exploring new opportunities. Proactive adaptation actions are intended to protect people, infrastructure, production systems and natural ecosystems through adjustments in the man-nature system.

Due to the magnitude and variability of climate impacts, initiatives should be taken at national, regional and local level. Similarly, the ability to cope and adapt must also differ between communities, productive sectors and economic regions.

Mantiqueira de Minas

With secular tradition in the production of quality coffees, the Mantiqueira of Minas is today one of the most awarded regions of Brazil. In 2011 was recognized as a geographical indication (GI) in the indication of origin (IP) by its tradition and worldwide reputation in producing high quality coffee. Composed of small producers, it's origin differs by the unique characteristics of the territory mainly by the cutting-edge work that is being carried out by its producers through the rare and amazing coffee production.

The APROCAM is the entity that promotes the sustainable development of the Mantiqueira Minas coffee, seeking the continuous excellence in the production of rare and amazing coffee. The Association of Mantiqueira Coffee Production (APROCAM) is the entity that represents, controls and promotes Mantiqueira of Minas - IP, through cooperatives and unions of producers that make up the institution.

Happy Customers

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